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Understanding Idle Work

If we are honest, work doesn’t always flow smoothly. If we are really honest, we often have no idea if work is flowing smoothly because there isn’t a clear way to measure “smooth”—or is there?

I often ask the attendees of my training classes, “What is the primary function of an automobile?” Of course, “transportation” is the obvious answer. I make the case to my students that an automobile makes a better solar panel than it does a mode of transportation. After all, a car spends most of it’s time motionless, soaking up the sun. Most people use their personal vehicles for only a handful of hours per day.

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Pathway to certification

We are an accredited training organization through Lean Kanban University, the global authority in Kanban education.

to Kanban

1 day


2 days


2 days


5 days
Huge’s training will be transformative for any company looking to increase morale and results. Brian Akers Director of Operations at Digital Reasoning Brian Akers of Digital Reasoning

Live Workshops

Starting Kanban

Explore Kanban as a tool for visual communication and learn to implement it as a capstone atop any methodology or framework.

Executive Kanban

An accelerated, half-day, leadership perspective on the benefits of Kanban applied at both organization and team levels.

Kanban Systems Design

Participants will learn to design and initiate change with a Kanban system and understand flow, pull, and collaborative improvement.

Kanban Cadences

Learn to implement Kanban at scale, use cost of delay, administer effective risk management practices, and apply feedback loops.

Their consulting unlocked shared vision and drive, and created a domino effect of forward motion. Kat Amano Director of Product at Emma Kat Amano from Emma


  • Andy Carmichael

    An Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban Coaching Professional who has been at the forefront of process change for decades, Andy serves London and Ireland.

  • Paul Gower

    An experienced software engineer and CTO, Paul is an Accredited Kanban Trainer and frequently speaks and conducts workshops at conferences across the United States.

  • Brad Hughes

    A highly sought facilitator and trainer, Brad uses memorable simulations to demonstrate the importance of Kanban in achieving business agility.

  • Brendan Wovchko

    An Accredited Kanban Trainer, software entrepreneur, and community organizer, Brendan is our founder and serves the North American market.


Kanban Training


Our public and private workshops are accredited through Lean Kanban University — recognized globally as the leading certifiying body for Kanban professionals.

Kanban Consulting


We embed with our clients to support the implementation of our training and help guide the evolution of communication and process.

Kanban Tooling


You can only improve what you measure. We help our clients design, implement, and manage sophisticated installs of Jira and Leankit at enterprise scale.

You led a flawless evolution to agility in our joint venture with a Fortune 50’s traditionally managed IT organization. Dave Jaworski CTO at Intero Alliance Dave Jaworski of Intero Alliance